Code of conduct

Your participation in the forum implies that you accept the following code of ethics:

I want to treat respectfully all Providential religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and so on.) and other worldview systems and practices of the benevolent nature.

2. I am sympathetic towards the personality and works of Daniil Andreev. Prior to participating in forum topics, I agree that familiarity with the works of Daniil Andreev and acceptance of his key ideas are essential. Otherwise, I am keenly interested to find out more about them.

3. I am ready to treat other forum participants, editors, and moderators with kindness and respect. I adhere to the goals of the project and the rules of the forum.

4. I am ready to be friendly towards other participants having different viewpoints and engage in fruitful dialogue and contemplation without condemning, humiliating, and provoking others. I stand for overcoming the spirit of confrontation and hostility, opting for constructive solutions and unifying truths.

(Comments and suggestions on the text of the code can be published in this topic.)
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