About the project

About the forum «Rose of the World» by Daniil Andreev (Rozamira.org)

About the forum «Rose of the World» by Daniil Andreev (Rozamira.org)

The main purpose of this forum is to create an accommodating atmosphere for studying, reflecting upon, and popularizing the legacy of Daniil Leonidovich Andreev (1906-1959), a great Russian visionary, thinker, and poet.

People of all views and religious backgrounds are welcome to join in as long as they keep friendly or, at least, respectful towards each other, world religions and cultures, as well as personality and work of Daniel Andreev.

Our community has been active since 2004. It is an informal club with somewhat higher entrance requirements than on many other Internet forums. To post in any topic except in «Pavilion» or create a new one, a new member is expected to provide his or her name along with the city of residence in the account's information. Also, the avatar has to be one’s real photo. Overall, the participation in our forum implies familiarity with the main works of Daniel Andreev, “The Rose of the World” being the most seminal of them, as well as acceptance or, at least, keen interest in his ideas. People who are not yet familiar with Andreev's works, but wish to become familiar — are welcome to ask support from our community.

Another goal of this community is to inspire its members to do their own creative works, whether it be scintillating discussions, artwork, illustrated texts about nature, solid research on Daniil Andreev’s works, religion, philosophy, social life, and so on. We celebrate project initiators, doers, those who have achieved mastery in their own craft, trade, or profession: artists, public figures, entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers, gardeners, builders, designers, programmers, and so on. In sum, all those whose works are embedded in the universal values of Kindness and Unity are very welcome.

Feel free to contact the forum administrator should you need any support in the above-stated endeavors.

Section «News» (the main page) shows most recently updated topics and articles.

Our «Forum» contains five discussion sections and five sections with Daniil Andreev’s works along with the related documents. There, one can leave his or her comments and feedback.

Section «Materials» is a small library with the downloadable materials thematically close to our forum.

On the page «Daniel Andreev» one will find a brief biography of Daniil Andreev as well as links to all seminal materials about him.

Old forum (2008-2019) is still accessible at forum.rozamira.org. Here is favorites from there.

To participate in the new forum, one needs to accept the code and rules to begin with. One can view the list of participants and support the forum financially should he or she desires so.

All registered users will be automatically receiving emails about all newly created and updated topics (depending on the user's profile preferences: once a day, once a week, or never). One can also receive notifications about developments in specific topics and sections. Additionally, the forum editors are considering to post selected news items in our group vk.com/rozamira_org and facebook.com/groups/roseoftheworld as well as on other media like YouTube and so on. One’s own such activity is highly welcome.

Any problems can be reported to Technical queries or via Contact form.

Have a great and fruitful time on our forum!
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