Daniil Andreev. «The Rose of the World»
Book XII. Possibilities

XII. Chapter 4. The Prince of the Darkness

Much of what I see is apprehended with the help of all kinds of inner sight, be it imagination, artistic creativity, or spiritual forefeeling. Certain things I apprehend with a sight that sees what is bound to happen. Yet, all that I see ahead is what I yearn for. More often than not, perhaps, I pull imperceptible switches by taking the desired for what is to objectively materialize.

Such switches can no longer be pulled once the gaze becomes riveted to the impending thick of time, discerning there something detestable and horrifying instead of the longed-for and exhilarating.

Isn’t it strange that the Rose of the World, despite its long reign over humanity, will fail to prevent the prince of darkness from coming? Fail it will, to everybody’s greatest sorrow. Fail it will, even though the Rose of the World will hurl all effort into postponing his advent such that the maximum number of human minds and hearts would be seasoned for coming to grips with him.

Provided that a host of historical dilemmas have been solved favorably, the Rose of the World will indeed create conditions for the Golden Age on the Earth. It will eliminate state and social violence. It will do away with all exploitation whatsoever. It will salve the predatory principle in humans. It will soften the mores of peoples in line with what the prophetic dreams of light-filled dreamers of the past had intimated. It will reveal to people a plethora of knowledge of other worlds and the paths of ascension of Enrof. It will elevate certain animal species to the point of speech acquisition and intelligent-creative existence. By way of unflaggingly warning about the imminent prince of darkness, the Rose of the World will snatch from him myriads of would-be captives of the most gruesome expiatory cycle. Its grandiose Synclite – Arimoya – will transform some of the purgatories into the worlds of spiritual healing. Yet, some intractable contradictions will still remain: they are unsolvable until humanity will have undergone, as Dostoevsky put it, a spiritual transformation.

Such contradictions can be mitigated, smoothed, temporarily blanketed, but cannot be eradicated, for their root lies in the yetzerhara which, since the fall of Lilith, is inherent to all living beings of Enrof, except to those that have burned it away while becoming enlightened. The chief contradiction here psychologically manifests in human beings as the craving for power, as well as in the complex, dual, and conflicting structure of their sexual sphere.

Acting now apart, then together, these impulses create a gravitation toward evil, which nearly all human beings have a disposition for, and make one succumb to the charm of evil in its various guises, at times to the evil at its purest that does not even attempt to mask itself with any semblances of Good.

One is to envision the atmosphere of harmonious quietude that will have reigned supreme on the planet by the seventh or eighth pontificate of the Rose of the World. Only from books and works of art will those generations know about the despotism of states, about wars, revolutions, hunger, poverty, and epidemics. Unadulterated with social struggle, their energy will be channeled to spiritual and physical self-mastery, to stilling the hunger for knowledge and creativity, and to an incomparably enriched, sophisticated, and diversified personal life.

As far as I can discern – however much this surprises me – there will be no permanent capital of the world, that is, a city wherein supreme guides and the Upper Council of the Rose of the World are going to be based. It seems that, with every new pontificate, the capital of the world will be relocated to the country, which has nominated the then supreme precept. In any event, Delhi and Moscow will become a capital twice each. Apparently, the last above-ground residence of the supreme guides – when the antichrist will have assumed actual leadership of the world, and the One Church of humanity will have begun to retreat into the catacombs – is going to be Tokyo.

Yet, however much the roots of material jealousy will be undermined by universal prosperity, the roots of spiritual jealousy will remain intact, for varied degrees and kinds of giftedness will propel some into leading positions while casting others into the roles of those being led. With the epochs changing one after another, the outlines of intelligentsia will coincide with those of humanity. Yet, intelligentsia will not be consolidated, whereas producers of material goods will no longer see themselves as the salt of the earth. Problems of material wellbeing and comfort, technological and economic problems will lose their prominence. A dull discontent will start haunting those viewing themselves as producers of material valuables; their psychological and mental organization would make them gravitate into working in the field of industrial technologies, economy, agronomy, precise sciences, and innovations. Technical intelligentsia will not content itself with the supplementary role it will be playing under the fifth, sixth, or seventh pontificate, for leading positions will be taken up by those working on the problems of ethical, aesthetical, transphysical, metahistorical, zoo-formative, and religious nature. Precisely this dull discontent and jealousy of status will prove to be one of the social-psychological antecedents for a movement which the antigod, having appeared as a human being, will take advantage of.

Should the Rose of the World ascend to the ethical control of the global political power, around twenty-six supreme pontificates, if I am not mistaken, will have passed between this moment and the change of eons. Yet, the reign of the Rose of the World will see no more than seven or eight of them, at most – nine. The rest will be passing during the antichrist’s rule and the subsequent period of historical cataclysms. The last several pontificates will be very brief, and the death of their precepts will be agonizing, for the master of the world will look into ways of cutting short their life journeys. Numbering among the supreme precepts, which are going to succeed each other, will be Russians and Indians, the Chinese and natives of different countries of America, a German and an Abyssinian, a Spaniard and a Malaysian, a Britisher and an Arab. Yet, none of them will betray the Divine cause. The last of the supreme precepts, the one to witness the change of eons, will come from a North-Asian people that, at present, has barely a touch of civilization.

I discern more or less clearly two individuals in this gallery of planetary guides. By all appearances, one of them is destined to become the supreme precept right after the referendum that will turn the global Federation into a monolith. Shaping up before my eyes is a personality of a tremendous spiritual stature. Wisdom and otherworldly calm emanating from this man, the dazzling grandeur of his destiny and soul would prompt one of an image of Gautama Buddha that has been crowned and amalgamated in the dignity of Nirvana with supreme authority over humanity. His appearance is suggestive of his Chinese origin.

One of his most immediate successors will be another spiritual giant. Standing out in the garland of his past lives is a far-off link to when he had walked the earth as a rather famous ruler of the Hohenstaufen Empire. And this time, too, he is going to incarnate amid those very people, in Germany. Under him, the unification of Christian churches and of all religions of the right hand in a free coalition will come to pass.

Many a time, I have pointed out how the interruption of Christ’s mission had caught up to the deficiency of medieval Christianity, and how the psychological climate in the West – the outcome of this deficiency – had shaped the subsequent anti-movements: the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Revolution, materialistic science, and demonized technologies – a meteoric flight of the Red Horseman of the Apocalypse. Under the White Horseman, every endeavor will be made to liberate science and technology from the grip of demonizing principles. They will attempt to conjugate science and technology with transphysical knowledge and ethics, forcing them to work for the benefit of all, and harmonizing, as much as possible, the relationship between civilization and nature. Yet, the specificity of technology, that is, its rationality, utilitarian nature, and earthliness, is not going to be overcome through putting it to more sublime tasks and enforcing ethical control alone. Its inherent lack of spirituality and utilitarian nature will remain for as long as precisely these characteristics of technology will be taken advantage of by the antigod, who is going to incarnate. Technological progress spawned forth by the era of secularism will remain an essentially intractable problem and, just like a phlegmon developing in a human body, will burst at the turn of the antichrist’s reign.

The thirst for power and the thirst for blood lurk deep inside many souls. Unsatisfied under the conditions of social harmony, they will push some into inventing doctrines advocating social and cultural changes for those unquenched passions to flourish in the years to come. Meanwhile, others will be ridden with boredom. Unlike just being a casual visitor, this feeling will become a true host in their spiritual abode, and, devoid of the thrill of collisions, social life will seem vapid to them. After reading books full of adventures, ruffle, crimes, and passions, such ready-for-any-escapade souls will grow wistful, exasperated, and jealous. Apart from these individuals, humanity will show yet another layer: the more satisfying, the more prosperous existence of some people, the more they will feel annoyed with the manacles of morality, religion, tradition, social mores, and archaic shame binding their sexuality.

Since the time of the clan system, the instinct of moral-social self-preservation has kept a tight rein on the overbearing sexuality. Yet, this rein would barely last for too long if it were only about individual human inner efforts, if it were not for social coercion in the form of social and state laws. The robust instinct of self-preservation has it that removing all taboos from sexuality to manifest indiscriminately is fraught with destruction of family, sexual perversions, weakening of willpower, moral degradation of generations, and, ultimately, the all-out degeneration, both physical and spiritual. However much strong, the instinct of moral-social self-preservation cannot yet safeguard society from this danger without the help of state laws, judiciary norms, and conventional decorum. True, robust instinct is strong; yet, when sexual freedom goes unleashed, more often than not the latter proves to be more powerful. One should not be afraid of the truth – one is to admit that this centrifugal instinct is inherent, in more or less degree, in the majority of people. Despite being suppressed with inner checks and balances as well as outward coercion, despite slumber, it, nonetheless, exists. Oh, the human sexual sphere is primed with an explosive substance of tremendous force! The centripetal instinct of moral-social self-preservation is attracting, soldering elements of the personal life of each and every one of us: owing to this, the personal life of an average human being makes a system of sorts, a basic order not unlike nucleons making up a tightly-knit nucleus of the atom in the microworld. Yet, should a convincing and charming teaching lull to sleep the human fear of unleashing the instinct of absolute sexual freedom, an unparalleled moral catastrophe would ensue. Freeing up the centrifugal energy locked inside this instinct will trigger such a chain reaction, which would cause a tremendous social-psychological revolution comparable, in technocratic terms, to the release of nuclear energy.

I am afraid that what I am talking about will remain unintelligible to and be taken with hostility by many. Underestimation of the sexual sphere’s significance has become entrenched in our society. All the more, the thought of a danger lurking precisely in this sphere would seem too far-fetched. I can easily imagine the indignation of a well-meaning reader with such a prediction of mine, and how promptly it will be dismissed as a shallow fantasy coming from the muddied sexual sphere of the author himself rather than from that of humanity. Ah, would that it be true! There is no doubt that Duggur’s temptations remain, by and large, beyond the compass of the majority’s consciousness. The minority, albeit clueless of its transphysical source and afraid of admitting these temptations even to themselves, nonetheless, is dimly aware of them. It would be too naïve to expect people to allow such things out in the open. Only a miniscule number of people are well aware of those temptations and, unlike holding them deep inside, are ready to indulge in them at the earliest opportunity. Yet, the currently timid majority in this regard will come out swinging as soon as the more heavyweight authorities – scientific, social, and religio-political – have proclaimed the need for ultimate sexual freedom and everyone’s indispensable right to it, along with taking all measures to condone, pander to, and protect it.

Hundreds and thousands will lust for power. As for sexual freedom, it will also be lusted after by millions upon millions.

To be liberated from the manacles of the Good – this is going to be the mood of many by the end of the Golden Age: at first surreptitious, then increasingly blatant and outspoken. Humanity will grow tired of spiritual light. It will be emaciated from aspiring ever higher. It will get sick and tired of virtue. Peaceful social freedom, any kinds of freedom will cloy except in two spheres: sexuality and violence against others. The setting sun will be still lingering as a crimson glitter on mysterials and temples of the Sun of the World, on pantheons’ domes, and on shrines to the elementals with their ledged reservoirs and terraces. Yet, the blue-grey dusk of debauchery, the grey haze of boredom will have begun to envelope the lowlands. In this power vacuum, boredom and lust for dark passions will sweep across half of humanity. And it will long for an individual who will offer more than others and demand obedience in exchange for the unchecked freedom in one sphere – any form and kind of sensual pleasure.

The Rose of the World itself will consist not only of saints but also of people standing at varying levels of moral development. From the very onset, the tasks of the global church will have such tremendous outlines, they will be so encompassing and numerous that it would be unfeasible to limit the active membership of the Rose of the World only to morally impeccable and highly-principled ones. It goes without saying that the severity of the probation will still remain a mandatory step, yet it is far from being a panacea. As with any community of people, albeit grounded in the loftiest ideas, it is prone to being infiltrated with those carrying along the thirst for domineering, vanity, excessive attachment to comforts, intolerance, and roughness with others. A hazy egregor will be enveloping the Rose of the World, just as it did with the churches of the past. The deepened mystical awareness of its leaders will preclude this egregor from swelling up into a thick fume, thus from screening Arimoya. But its total elimination is impossible, of course. Therefore, it is only natural that even the Supreme Council will have some individuals in its ranks falling for the prince of darkness’ temptations, while its lower levels will see a significant rise of such individuals over time.

Under conditions of vast ideological freedom, first stealthily, then openly the religion of the left hand will gain momentum. It will grow as a poisonous flower out of the longing for a dark liberator from the Good’s manacles, and it will come down to worshiping Gagtungr as some sort of Prometheus, an eternal mutineer, a fighter for the “true” freedom of all. As for the aim of this quasi-religion, it is going to ready people for making obeisance to the coming anti-Logos.

Oh, humanity will have no shortage of warnings. Hadn’t the Gospel, even the Koran, even the Mahabharata warned about this long ago? Was there any lack of visionaries, as in the West, so in the East, refraining about the inevitable coming of the antichrist? All pontificates of the Rose of the World, from the time of the unification of religions down to the emergence of this monstrous creature in the historical arena, will be hurling their effort into those admonishments. Yet, given virtually unrestricted ideological and cultural freedom, they will wield no other weapon but words. Under the pressure from radical left circles of society, the remaining bans, howsoever restricting freedom of speech, those prohibiting the breaching of the norms of social decorum and profanity, will be ultimately lifted. Precisely this will open the floodgates to human hearts for the precursors of the great spawn of darkness.

There will be no lack of such precursors. Yet, the greatest of them is going to be the founder of such a cultural-historical and social-ethical doctrine which will focus attention on the following: despite having a great many freedoms, humanity would remain a slave to sexual restrictions, a slave to false shame, prejudices, and old-fashioned mores – the mores endorsed by the Rose of the World, so too by the entirety of the “outdated” social ways. It appears to me that the book by this thinker will be the very “Open Path”, about which Vladimir Solovyov said to have been penned by the antichrist himself. No: a brilliant, the most charming and wittiest of Frenchmen, this precursor will be an icon of his generation. Hardly will this bearer of a dark mission realize whom he serves and paves the way for. Despite all his intellectual genius, his mystical mind will be shut tight. So, when the long-awaited liberator appears, the French thinker will be so much astounded with his superhuman grandeur that he will exclaim gleefully and exultantly: “Here’s the one whom the world is waiting for, whom I have been talking about all along!” – Only much later, when the incomer has reached the fullness of his power and showed his true colors, his precursor will commit suicide. True, he will be a genius thinker. Yet, the one for whom he is going to blaze the trail, will view him just as an underling. The one, for whom the trail will be blazed, will see all ever-existing inhabitants of Enrof, save Jesus, as his underlings.

Will he be a human?

Yes and no.

As has already been said many times, from century to century, from life to life, layers of demonic materiality – the dark shelt, astral and etheric bodies – had been enveloping the monad of a Roman emperor that had been stolen by Gagtungr from Iroln itself. Precisely this demonic materiality, agga that is, rather than siara – the building material, of which all the inhabitants of Enrof and beings of the ascending range are weaved – make them up. In this book, we have already dwelt on his last incarnation in Russia and how the Providential forces frustrated Urparp’s schemes on turning him into a universal dark genius. Yet, intercepting the gifts of a dark genius from this being twice is impossible – now, Urparp has learned how to shield his ward from adversarial transphysical operations. He will not let it into Enrof until he has ensured it can make full use of all the gifts requisite for carrying out its historical mission of the antichrist. The genius giftedness of Stalin, when it comes to the tyrannizing and his ability to hypnotize the human will into subjugation, was just a fraction of the achievements that had been made in Gashsharva in working upon his being, something that was interrupted by the forces of the Light. After his death in Enrof and reinstatement in Gashsharva, this work was resumed and gained new momentum. Having undergone the last stages of the preparation in Digm, the unheard-of being will come close to its last, fateful birth in the epoch of the seventh or eighth pontificate.

It seems that the place of its birth will be a Latin American country; yet, the birth itself is promising to be totally out of the ordinary. Forced into assuming a human appearance in order to become its mother, Lilith, as willed by Urparp, will assume such an appearance without taking birth: she will need neither father, nor mother, nor childhood. Her appearance as a ripe woman will be a dark miracle. Obvious violations of nature’s laws, preternatural connections with dreadful otherworldly beings, wizardly stories and legends will surround her brief earthly life. Having conceived the physical body of the coming anti-Logos from the powers of Gagtungr himself rather than from human semen, she will soon disappear from Enrof, for her mission will have been accomplished. Although Lilith will make her appearance in humanity once again, her mission and her female human form will be altogether different then, and so too her appearance, albeit as mysterious as the previous one.

The physical body of the anti-Logos will be made of siara, just like all human bodies.
The most intelligent of all who have ever lived, far surpassing all the geniuses of humanity with his genius, he will have become a widely accepted leader of the world science by age thirty-three. With a lightning grasp of the most complex scientific and transphysical problems; instantaneous entering into the core of all kinds of disciplines, both natural-science and humanitarian; superhuman work performance; unparalleled versatility of gifts, including poetic and architectural genius; a host of fundamental discoveries, with which he will be endowing humanity at a giddying speed; theatrical kindness toward people – all this will win him great authority in the eyes of the majority of people on the planet. He will make a true revolution in certain scientific disciplines having rehabilitated some of the principles of magic, unprecedently deepening and enriching them with the knowledge that will be pouring into the compass of his cognition out of his superb, inexhaustible mind inspired by the devil himself.

He will be handsome with some striking yet uncanny beauty. It must be said that it will be hard to identify his nationality or even race by his facial features, so he will appear like a synthetic embodiment of the entirety of humanity.

At the age of thirty-three he will be ordained, and soon he will be as though the second-best man in humanity. With outward humility, he will be awaiting the hour when the death of the supreme precept will make it possible for him, through a global referendum, to crown himself with the tiara.

And now, he is thirty-three, the age of Jesus when he finished his earthly journey, the age marked with the death and resurrection of the Planetary Logos. More often than not, there forms an inseverable connection at this age between the consciousness and the monad in people with an exceptional mystical giftedness. Precisely at this age, this man will perform his first spectacular miracle, a truly unprecedented stunt: he will convert his physical, siara-built body into the one made up of agga. For the first time in Enrof, the earth will see an entity enveloped in karrokh rather than in a physical body. He will revel in this transformation of his, for it is going to be one of his greatest victories, postponing indefinitely the prospect of his physical undoing.

This transformation will be immediately noticed by people, even though no one will realize either its significance or mechanism. His outward human appearance will remain almost the same, yet an indescribable dread will be emanating from him, even to those seeing him from a distance. On touching his karrokh, everyone will be as though electrocuted. Yet, his undefeatable hypnotic force will attract a great number of women. Those of them who are to have intimate relationships with him – with these, he will moderate the deadly force of his touch – will be coming in flocks. However, soon he will stop restraining himself, and each of his concubines will pay with her life for a few seconds of pleasure. Neither dagger, nor poison, nor gunpowder, nor dynamite will be able to destroy the karrokh. Only a thermonuclear weapon would be able to annihilate him – later, there will be even some daredevils venturing into doing so. Yet, all such plots will be disclosed long before their realization.

There will be tremendous commotion in the Rose of the World caused by the anti-Logos’ transformation. The supreme precept will be killed. When the wonderworker, after having held a fraudulent referendum, crowns himself with the tiara and proclaims himself as a messenger of the Eternal Femininity – to prove the extraordinary power of his sorcery, he will call forth the incarnation of Lilith disguised as the one of Zventa-Sventana – the monolith of the social organization of the world will see an unrepairable raft. Half of humanity, especially the people of Asia, will refuse to acknowledge the usurper and, instead, elect another supreme precept. Yet, the other half will bow down to the imposter as to their absolute leader and fall away from the Rose of the World, restoring institutions of political and social violence. Of course, those unwilling to pay obeisance to the antichrist will come under attacks.

Dark miracles will grow in number, shaking the consciousness of people down to the core. Stories about the miracles of Christ will seem shallow compared to them. The waves of frenzied enthusiasm will be sweeping the face of the earth.

Some countries – voluntarily, some – through compulsion and deception, yet all of them gradually will fall away from the Rose of the World. Thus the anti-Logos will come to lord over the planet singlehandedly.

Yet, the supreme precept will not bow down to the usurper. Neither will millions, even hundreds of millions of people from all over the world make obeisance to him. There will come an epoch of persecutions, growing from year to year in their scale, methods, and ferocity. The cunningness of Gagtungr will take advantage even of the heroic resistance of broad swaths of the populace at that. The unfortunate would-be antichrist that was defeated by the previous incarnation of the prince of darkness and committed suicide at the end of the second world war, will now come as a self-proclaimed leader and summon indignant crowds to fight against the world’s ruler. At the same time, he will be vehemently attacking the Rose of the World for its meekness and nonresistance, making it a point that all means are good without exception when struggling against the spawn of darkness. This movement will be snatching away those from the Rose of the World, whom the antichrist has failed to capture. The movement will be dark throughout itself, sucking hearts into the vortex of ferocious malice, cruelty, and soul-draining hatred.

As for the followers of the Rose of the World, they will be suffering martyrdom without taking to weapons. Finally, the Rose of the World will be prohibited. It seems that the elementals’ cult will be tolerated longer than the other cults, gradually turning into worshipping Lilith and the demonesses of Duggur. Then the persecution will spill over into worshipping whatsoever elementals of the Light, and the One Church of Humanity will withdraw into the catacombs. This will herald a string of tragic pontificates, each inevitably ending in the demise of the supreme precept, just like a golden garland in the pitch darkness, which will stretch across one and a half or two centuries right into the day and hour of the second advent of Christ.

For quite some time, the anti-Logos will not be denying either the life of Jesus in Palestine as a historical reality, or even the mystical fact of the God-born monad’s – the one expressing the God-Son – incarnation in Jesus. Yet, in the course of its dynamic development and gradual change, his teaching will undergo a host of metahistorical and theological switches, gradually belittling the significance of Christ, only to culminate in the complete denial of Him and, finally, in the veil of deadly silence around His name and whatever is related to Him. There will be yet a stage when the anti-Logos will proclaim himself as the incarnation of the God-Father and the woman – the one that has become a physical vessel for Lilith by way of diabolic sorcery – to be an embodiment of the Eternal Femininity. Too many confirmatory miracles, and stupefying at that, will have poured down by then such that the majority of people would not even dare to nurture a slightest doubt in the veracity of claims coming from those preternatural beings. The antichrist will create a sacrilegious cult of global copulation around himself and the incarnated Lilith, and nefarious doings between them, all surrounded with fabulous effects and intoxicating grandeur, will be played out before all and everyone as though impersonating the cosmic union of the two hypostases of the Trinity.

Many people will be overtaken with the abomination and uncanny horror. Even millions of those that have never bothered themselves with questions of religion, that have been immersed into the rubs and worries of their little realities, artistic creativity, and scientific research will feel that they are facing such a unique and horrifying choice, to which even tortures and executions would pale in comparison. Then the fruits of the spiritual work of the Rose of the World’s eight pontificates will show themselves. Then the spawn of darkness will lose countless throngs of those that would have succumbed to the barrage of dark miracles and the charm of the superhuman, combining immense intelligence with the cynical boldness of his wicked deeds, had it not been for their premonitory, illuminating, and formative work. Nearly the third of the world populace will be overtaken with the exaltation of martyrdom. Arimoya will be replenished then with countless hosts of heroic souls. Yet, even greater hosts of those that have committed apostasy and allowed the spawn of Gagtungr to deprave them will be filling up the layers of retribution.

An unflagging, multifaceted, and intense struggle between light-filled and demonic powers will be reaching its climax. Roiling in scores of layers of Shadanakar, this struggle will see a stage of continuous battles between Synclites, daemons, angels – all the forces of Providence – and the invisible monsters, spawns, and allies of Gagtungr and Voglea. These spawns will be powerful, yet “unembodiable”, existing in the lower worlds. Their activities in five- and six-dimensional worlds, however, will be projected as unbridled sexuality, so too as ever increasing blood-thirstiness, technological soul-numbing advancements, systematic destruction of all who have risen spiritually higher than the rest of the demonized humanity, and many other things, which are hard for us to either comprehend or envision. It goes without saying that the armies of Synclites will be going out of their way to support the people that will have stood up against the antichrist here, in Enrof. The inspiration coming from them will help, among other things, to palliate the agony of the tortures and executions. These methods will be related in part to the unsealing of certain potentialities, slumbering as of yet in the human being, in part – to discovering invisible painkillers inspired by the brothers of Synclites.

Over time, after the antichrist has seen to the total consolidation of his authority, he will use philosophical and scholastic tricks to revise his own interpretation of his personality as a would-be incarnation of the God-Father. The last mask will be no longer needed and be thrown away, for the ideally orchestrated system of violence will nip nearly all protests in the bud. The preceding ideological stage will be cast into oblivion. The God-Father is going to be openly replaced with the name of the Great Torturer, whereas the Eternal Femininity will give way to the Great Harlot. The embodied Lilith that has impersonated herself as Femininity will be seesawing between shameless acts with the anti-Logos and satanic orgies first accessible to a select few, then to hundreds, and, ultimately, virtually to all. The embodied Lilith will be radiating an indescribably beautiful glow reminiscent of moonlight. Her body, unlike electrocuting those coming into physical contact with it, will be the source of their inexpressible delectation, which will be blotting out any glimpses of their memories of whatsoever spirituality. As contemplating the anti-Logos and Lilith itself will be mesmerizing, these orgies and doings will be broadcasted to all corners of the planet by means of technological contrivances, not unlike television in our day, but, of course, much more advanced than the twentieth century’s inventions.

Other inventions, which would be only natural to expect from the twenty-second or twenty-third century’s technological stage, will enable the then government to wield total control over the psyche of each and every resident of the planet. Mind-reading from great distances will be no longer just a terrifying figment of imagination: it will become a daily scientific-technological reality. Shielded by Synclites, members of the Rose of the World will maintain resistance in their catacombs, elaborating the system of psychical and transphysical protection. Yet, this defense system, which is now hard to imagine, of course, will prove to be extraordinarily laborious, and only the few will be able to master it. To a more or lesser extent, all supreme guides will be wielding this system, but the enemy will learn to locate even the slightest breaches in it and be counteracting the defense of the Light with his weapon. For this reason, sooner or later all, who have not bowed down to the anti-Logos, will fall as his victims. By the turn of the eons, the number of such survivors will barely make a hundred, whereas the satanic humankind will have amounted to several billions.

The middle of this reign will see the completion of an unheard-of, ridiculous falsification of history. In a matter of fifty or seventy years, all books and artifacts testifying of humanity as having had light-filled cults, high philosophical teachings, majestic arts, lofty literatures, heroes, saints, geniuses, in sum, anything of Divine origin – all these will be wiped out. All temples that have survived the thick of time will be turned either into dust or shrines of Gisturg, the Great Harlot, and Urparp, with their architecture disfigured beyond recognition. Many of them will turn into truncated cones or four-sided pyramids with flat tops reminiscent of yet greatly exceeding in luxuriance palaces-shrines of Duggur. There will come generations totally oblivious of the existence of Christ and Christianity in the past. All ideas of these generations about the bygone times will be not merely distorted – they will be falsified nearly throughout, all due to the inculcation of people into the theories thought up by the anti-Logos and in his misrepresentation of history as it suits him.

Curious is the then interpretation of the personality and historical role of the second to last incarnation of the antichrist. Deep inside, the ruler of the world will harbor a feeling of shame of sorts when remembering his own narrowness, blindness, and a long string of outright blunders that he had committed in his previous incarnation. He will see to stamping out even the slightest suspicion in people that he once used to be the second leader of the revolutionary movement (Joseph Stalin, translator’s note). At the same time, any accusation of this leader by an unwitting revisionist will be punished with an immediate death, for the prideful sovereign will not tolerate any derision aimed even at his past, centuries-old mistakes. Hence the image of Stalin will be rehabilitated. The deceased leader will be proclaimed – with reservations to the effect that he had certain limitations and thus could not comprehend and encompass everything there was in its totality – the greatest figure of the past.

With the establishment of Gisturg’s and Fokerma’s cult, an all-out mayhem will commence. Science, philosophy, art, social institutions, and law – all these will be geared into unleashing sexuality. All kinds of perversions will be promulgated in various ways and appraised as manifestations of the emancipated spirit. The more public they are, the more their participants will be showered with admiration. By then, medicine will have defeated nearly all diseases; parasites and harmful microorganisms will have been done away with, and hygiene will have been raised to such a level that dust and dirt in residential areas will have become a relic of the past. Those sterile streets and squares of towns will turn into arenas for sundry forms of collective shamelessness. Working hours will be greatly reduced, so the leisure time will become almost unlimited. As for interests to fill in for the leisure time, these, for the most part, will come down to sex in one or another form – so multifarious, sophisticated, and intense that it is hard to imagine all this for us living in the twentieth century. Human towns will closely remind those of Duggur except that the Sun itself will be reviled there.

Absolute sexual freedom will not be reachable by just everyone yet. All citizens save, of course, the antichrist himself and his elite, will be tabooed to take part in manifestations or, rather, perversions coming in tow with tortures. “Delights” of this kind will be permitted only to those whose work will be closely associated with the police and state security. It is not hard to imagine the moral cast of beings comprising the cadres of those professional sadists.

Finally, the prince of darkness will reserve only for himself the delectation coming from cannibalism, not a figurative but a literal one at that. Perhaps, the kind of pleasure he is going to experience at those moments will be not just about gratifying sexual instinct, albeit utterly perverted, but also about combining it with a satanic lasciviousness – the one experienced by way of defying the most fundamental laws, whether Divine or human, as well as emotional roots of conscience, moral fear, and shame.

His pleasure will be intensified with the awareness of his impunity.

The monster will relish in indulging himself in just about everything, not only making humanity contemplate those abominations at that but also eliciting a mixed feeling of admiration, jealousy, dread, and awe in the depraved majority.

Apparently, something similar to this incited the despots of the past, like Caligula or Nero, to engage in precisely such doings, combining sadism and the public demonstration of spiritual shamelessness. Yet, they could not have been spared completely of the sense of impunity: some were trembling for their physical safety, whilst others were horrified with images of torments in hell. These two kinds of fears, which had poisoned their revelry, will not bother the prince of darkness one bit.

For only the one, whose physical body is beyond harm and possesses qualities and capabilities far surpassing the physical qualities of the human being, can allow himself all that. Developing from decade to decade, these capacities of the anti-God karrokh will, finally, reach such a point that the anti-Logos will be appalling and baffling people with his apparitions in three or four locations at a time. Many will first suspect him of having doppelgangers. Yet, he will smash this childish hypothesis, having started appearing with all his images at once in one place, now merging, then multiplying them.

Such specificities of his karrokh will completely rid this being of any fear that his physical existence may be violently terminated. Concerning natural death, achievements of the demonized science will totally enable the question to be raised about infinitely extending life, at least that of the karrokh’s owner. With all the might and clarity of his mind, given all the acuity of his transphysical sight, he will, nonetheless, have an aberration pertinent to all demonic beings: the faith in his ultimate victory. He will be convinced of his physical immortality, hence of being spared of otherworldly retribution, and that he will gradually spread his authority over many other layers of Shadanakar and even over the planets of other stellar systems. He will also hold that, over time, he will be able to transform his bodies at will, passing from one layer to another and from one world to another in a flash by way of a self-induced transformation. As idle as these dreams are, he will be capable indeed of entering into and going out of shrastrs at will. As for the extension of his physical existence beyond normal human life expectancy, it will become a historical fact – for this reason, his reign will last for more than a hundred years or, perhaps, much longer.
There will be a system of very complex and unparalleled measures in terms of their scientific-technological scale aimed at accommodating the surface of Mars and Venus for the excesses of humanity to settle. There will be interplanetary missions to other stellar systems too, but the outgoing spaceships will never be seen to return. With regard to settling Venus and Mars, the ruler of the world will not have enough time to accomplish this design of his, and the change of eons will see the surface of the neighboring planets almost as uninhabited by humans as they are now.

Bound with no fears whatsoever, he will not crave for love either – this need was not foreign to him in his previous incarnation. Stalin still craved for being loved, not just dreaded. The antichrist will need only one thing: everyone without exception will have to acknowledge his infinite superiority and pay obeisance to him.

Meantime, the universal material wellbeing will be ever rising, and the regimentation of the working day, that is, the number of working hours, will reach its lowest. The technical intelligentsia, which the anti-Logos had relied on in making his first steps, will enjoy a privileged state. Humanity will enter into a period of head-spinning technological progress, albeit the ideas about the world, methods of research, and technological forms will be a far cry from the modern ones. By the end of the twentieth century, classical materialism will have slid into oblivion, and the dominating worldview will prove to be much more complex. The twenty-third century will see the only compulsory-for-all ideology – the one created by the antichrist. No matter how earthly, the materialistic doctrine is still less harmful than the all-out demonized future worldview. The former is more wholesome ethically, and it is no coincidence that the societal order, which this doctrine has created and suffused throughout, keeps a tight rein on the centrifugal instinct of sexuality, at times even verging on ascetism of sorts as it was in the beginning of the Great Revolution in Russia. The quasi-religion, which the anti-Christ is going to enforce upon humanity, will not be stripped of spirituality in its broadest sense. A crackdown on spirituality is only needed at the first stage for clearing the space for demonic spirituality – its philosophical and religious forms are almost beyond our comprehension as of now – to spread all over and flood human minds and wills. In any event, whereas earthliness as such only entails the otherworldly downfall of souls into purgatories – into Skrivnus, Agr, and Dromn – demonic spirituality will be sucking the soul into much more horrid and deeper transphysical funnels. One of them is going to be a layer in-the-making, Tsebrumr, where the egregor of the global anti-church of the antichrist will be lording over the demonized human shelts and astral bodies. Some funnels will be sucking into the worlds of magmas and the core, others – into Duggur and the lunar hell being now created by Voglea. There will be yet a funnel through which “darlings” of evil will rise to the dark vault, into Digm, where they will spend countless millennia as slaves of Gagtungr.

Elements of black magic – not the magic we know of from ancient and medieval history but much more potent, elaborate, and profound one – will merge with science, suffusing and demonizing the latter throughout. The sovereign will make use of this satanic knowledge, first of all, to expand his domain. The second reason being: creating conditions for such a level of luxury predisposing more and more people to indulge in their sensuality, which will have been immensely sophisticated. Those who will have retained their ability to aspire for something more universal will become involved into grandiose technical undertakings, appearing to be useful for the entire globe. In reality, their utility will be cancelled out by other undertakings or by their own distant consequences at that. Even some of the Rose of the World’s undertakings will be seen through: the warming of polar zones or, for example, the complete transformation of wooded slums of the tropics and deserts. Yet, all this will be implemented with such technical means, which will cause a catastrophic emaciation and paralysis of all the elementals of nature, dark and light-filled alike. When the civilization of the machines’ encroachment upon nature reaches a global scale, all the landscape of the Earth’s surface will turn into a completed picture of antinature, into the alternation of skyscrapers and urbanized half-gardens. The elementals will become disconnected from their “range” in Enrof. Rivers and lakes, meadows and fields of the Earth will be voided spiritually and dead just like the rivers and lowlands of Mars. Emasculated leftovers of flora will be supported only with the all-pervading arungvilta-prana as well as through the mechanical momentum of meteorological and orological processes. This inwardly voided and outwardly maimed nature will not be capable of eliciting either aesthetic or pantheistic feelings in anyone. Thus the love for nature of the previous generations will become something psychologically foreign to those replacing them on the Earth.

In the beginning of his reign, the dark sovereign will erect the world’s capital amid the Alps. His major residence will be there. By the end of his rule, this town will have been famed for its stupendous grandeur, and its populace will have amounted to several scores of millions.

Of course, even the times of his absolute tyranny will see many of those, whose inner being will revolt against what the antichrist will be turning human life into. Yet, the total mind control will allow for identifying such thought tendencies in the bud, and only few will have mastered the system of spiritual defense before they are physically eliminated. Immeasurable is the number of those with a sparkle of humanness and a glimpse of conscience that will fall into despair. Suicides will skyrocket. It must be said, however, that the karmic consequences of suicide will be different then: from the standpoint of the otherworldly journey of the soul, even voluntarily taking one’s own life will be a lesser evil than obedience to the antichrist and marring the name of humanity.

However great the number of suicides, these will make up a minority. With each successive generation, the consciousness of billions will be stripped of the glimpses of the Rose of the World’s influence. The last living witnesses of its decline will soon pass away. They will be followed by those, who had kept the grains of the historical truth received from the preceding generations. All scriptural and other evidences deemed dangerous by the antichrist will be destroyed. Preserving such materials will be punished with a horrid death. The very punishment will be hanging over those who have arrived at some spiritual realizations independently and dared to share them with whomsoever. It is not hard to picture the spiritual cast of those who, by the twenty-fourth century, will have come to be the only inhabitants of the Earth. With eyes accustomed to the wildest forms of perversion as a daily routine since infancy; with minds set exclusively to seeking ever new kinds of sensual pleasure or for the ultimate desolation of nature; with a conscience blanketed with agelong sermons of amorality; with the seedlings of the soul’s highest achievements trampled down by social ridicule; with a consciousness emasculated of any inkling of different values and ideals from the enlightened epochs – these unfortunate ones will have come to be ghastly and pathetic caricatures of human beings by the spring of their life. The time of their youth will come to be an age divide, by which they will have experienced everything there is, their body will have been worn out, their soul will have been jaded, and their existence will just keep going under its own momentum.

A century will come, the ghastliest of all,
For you and me to bear witness:
Abominations, blanketing the azure vault,
And laughter, never heard to roll –
The boredom of nonexistence.

Thus, generation after generation, people will be falling into the worlds of Retribution after their death. As never before, these worlds, just like hellish kitchens, will be eddying with thick, heavy, inexhaustible fumes of gavvakh. None of the world wars, revolutions, and repressions, no carnage would have been able to generate gavvakh in such quantities and have swarms of demons enormously swelling with it.

Shortly before the end of his rule, the prince of darkness will look into such ways of punishing the rebellious which would cast doubt on the coming victory of the Light in the earthly Enrof. Perfectly aware of the fact that the physical destruction of his enemies – however much agonizing – releases their shelts and astral bodies and propels their souls right into the Synclite of Arimoya, thus multiplying powerful armies of the Light, he will seek to destroy the shelt of those defying him. If this were to become a success, the reinforcement of the light-filled camp would stop altogether, and the monads, whose shelts have undergone destruction, would have to start creating the whole garland of bodies anew.

No matter how demonized, however, humanity will not content the antichrist. True, it will still be a fine source of gavvakh for him. Yet, as living inhabitants of Enrof to carry out his plan, humans will not be meeting his demands. They will prove to be too unreliable: all of them will still have their higher Selves ever vigilant in the resplendent Iroln, and even the most depraved souls will have an unextinguishable spark of conscience. Even despair itself, stupor, and disgust for life, which many of them will be besotted with by the end of his rule, will not be tolerated by the antichrist. How would he use this intellectual paralysis, the one that follows jadedness and despair? Such beings are incapable of further developing the demonized science and technologies and seizing the cosmos along with remolding it in the diabolic fashion. There will come a pressing need for letting highly intellectual demonic beings into Enrof, those eager to invade it from their infraphysical countries on the world’s underside. And the prince of darkness will do another miracle, no less remarkable than the transformation of his body into karrokh: with the help of the embodied Lilith, he will beget a pair of half-humans, half-igvas. Barely different from the rest of the humans, they will possess the same shelt as in their underworld shrastras; as for their physical bodies, they will be “karrokhized”, as it were. They will be rapidly reproducing just like fish or amphibians, and it will take them as few as two-three generations to number about a million and assume the leadership over humanity with a prospect of literally wiping out humans from the face of the Earth. Crossbreeding between human beings and the half-igvas will be totally ruled out: it will be painful for humans and totally fruitless.

Antihumankind will flood the face of the Earth. Growing numbers of igvas will need more space. To free it up, the ruler of the world, first of all, will set sights on the animal kingdom. I do not know what kind of justification he is going to set forth in decimating animal species, including those that, through the effort of the Rose of the World, will have been raised to intelligent and creative existence. It is quite possible that he will give no excuses whatsoever, for no one will hold him accountable. In any event, the animal kingdom will be done away with, and former conservation areas and wildlife reserves will be readied for accommodating and feeding billions of the half-igvas. For the same purposes, a project will be launched on conditioning the surfaces of neighboring planets for organic life.

A catastrophe will catch the prince of darkness off guard, notwithstanding his faith in his absolute and peremptory victory and impunity.

It will be caused by the ultimate liberation of the emperor’s monad that had been stolen for the anti-Logos by Gagtungr and without which his existence in Enrof would have been impossible. Savior Christ will liberate it Himself by descending into Digm. The violet ocean will break apart before Him, and Gagtungr, terrified, will jerk away into Shog, while the calamitous monad will be raised into unreachable, safe heights. Its connection with its original owner languishing in Gashsharva will be restored, whereas its ties with the material coats of the antichrist will be severed. The catastrophe will come down to the prince of darkness’s rapid falling or, rather, blazing through all the layers of the underworld – the worlds of Retribution, Magmas, and the Core – all to be disgorged through the Pit of Shadanakar into the timeless Pit of the Galaxy.

This catastrophe will erupt in broad daylight, before the eyes of many living humans and half-igvas at the moment of the most pompous apotheoses of the anti-Logos. The dumbfounded crowds will see the karrokh of this being inspiring tremor and mystical dread to all just a moment ago as suddenly having started to thin out and slowly turning into a haze of sorts. It will dawn on the ruler of the world what is happening, and he will act in a very unbecoming, never-before-seen manner: in utterly despair, screaming his lungs out, he will be grabbing at everything within his reach, tossing about, and howling like a wild animal. And thus, in front of all, he will gradually disappear in a matter of an hour.

As for the last incarnation of Lilith on the Earth, the catastrophe of her undoing will be seen by no one. She will disappear, for parts unknown, right after the antichrist’s demise. In actuality, her physical makeup will disintegrate into composite parts without a trace. No one will know about this, and they will keep searching for her for quite some time. There will be she-imposters, but, none of them, of course, will last for too long in this superhuman role. Many people will take their lives out of the deep longing for the irrevocably lost.

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