Daniil Andreev. «The Rose of the World»

Glossary of Terms


All materiality created by the demonic in our bramfatura (see entry). It differs in structure from physical materiality and from siaira (see entry) in that there are an extremely limited number of elementary particles in agga, particles that are neither animate, nor possessed of free will.


Provisional designation of all those worlds created by the demonic to supersede the Divine Cosmos. At present, the anticosmos of our bramfatura consists of the planes of Shog, Digm, Gashsharva, Sufetkh, and the Pit.


The zatomis (see entry) of global culture currently under construction.


An impersonal, unconscious, rarefied substance flowing in Enrof (see entry) from body to body and providing for individual organic life. An intuition of the existence of arungvilta-prana was at the center of the spiritual life of the preanimistic humanity and appears to be the most ancient of revelations.

Astral body

The second of the subtle material coatings of a monad (see entry). The shelt (see entry), the first of the subtle material coatings, is fashioned by the monad itself. The Great Elemental Mother Earth takes part in the creation of the astral body. She takes part in the creation of the individual astral bodies of every being in Shadanakar (see entry): humans, angels, daemons (see entry), animals, the elementals (see entry), demons, and even the Great Hierarchies, when the latter descend to planes where an astral body is required. The astral body is the higher instrument of the shelt. Concentrated within it are the gifts of spiritual vision, spiritual hearing, spiritual smell, deep memory, the ability to levitate, the ability to interact with beings of other planes, and the ability to contemplate cosmic panoramas and perspectives.


Almost every heavenly body possesses a number of variomaterial planes that together form a closely integrated system. These systems, united by the commonality of processes taking place on their planes, are called bramfaturas. In the majority of bramfaturas in our Galaxy, the chief process uniting the planes of each is the struggle between the Providential and the demonic forces. There are, however, bramfaturas that have completely fallen under the sway of the demonic and those that have freed themselves entirely of it.


The higher humankind of Shadanakar that abide in a sakwala (see entry) of four-dimensional worlds with differing numbers of time streams. Daemons proceed along a path of growth similar to ours, but they began much earlier and are completing it with greater success. They are linked to our humanity by a variety of threads, some of which are described in the main text.


The abode of Gagtungr, one of the five-dimensional worlds with an abundance of time streams.


The karossa (see entry) of Russia.


The shrastr (see entry) of the Russian metaculture (see entry).


A plane of the demonic elementals that plays a special role in the life of humanity. The beings that incarnate in Duggur replenish their energy with eiphos (see entry).


Here, the term means variomaterial formations that take shape over large collectives – tribes, states, some political parties, and religious groups – from certain emanations of the human psyche. They do not have monads but possess a volitional charge of limited duration and the equivalent of consciousness.


Radiations from human lust.


A category of God-created monads that proceed along a path of growth in Shadanakar, primarily through the realms of nature. In the majority of cases, however, they do not undergo physical incarnation. As humanity is an aspect of one realm of Nature, there are various groups of the elementals linked not to the natural elements, in the broad sense of the word, but to the natural, elemental aspect of humanity.


The name of our physical plane – a concept synonymous with what astronomy calls the universe. It is characterized by three dimensions of space and one time stream.


Here, the term means universal periods of time characterized by altered conditions in the Enrof of one bramfatura. A change in conditions is determined by one or another degree of manifestation of spirituality in the materiality of Enrof. What is meant is not individual departures from the norm but the overall, predominant conditions. Thus, during the passage of the Enrof of Shadanakar into the second eon, the transformation of the materiality of organic matter will take place, and during its passage into the third eon, the transformation of inorganic matter will occur as well. In that manner, Shadanakar will disappear from the confines of universal Enrof.

Etheric body

The third of the subtle coatings of an incarnating monad. No organic life is possible in three- and four-dimensional worlds without it.


The name of the planetary demon of our bramfatura. He is three persons in one, like certain other beings among the uppermost hierarchies. The first hypostasis of Gagtungr is Gisturg, the Great Torturer; the second is Fokerma, the Great Harlot; and the third is Urparp, the great implementer of the demonic plan, who is sometimes called the Principle of Form.


One of the principal planes in the demonic anticosmos of Shadanakar, a two-dimensional world where a variety of powerful demonic beings abide.


Fine material radiations from human suffering released both during one's life and during a descent after death. Gavvakh replenishes the energy of many categories of demonic beings and of Gagtungr himself.

Heavenly Russia

Holy Russia. The zatomis of the Russian metaculture and abode of its Synclite (see entry).


Used in this book in two senses:

(1) a series of subordinate ranks, whether they be ecclesiastical, military, or administrative; and

(2) different categories of varionatural, variomaterial, or spiritual beings – for example, the angelic, demonic, elemental, or daemonic hierarchies.


The principal race of antihumankind, it is made up of highly intelligent demonic beings who abide in the shrastrs, the “underside of the world.”


To influence the human consciousnesses and willpower, at times the consciousness of other living beings, through the subconsciousness so as to inspire certain desires and actions into a person which are perceived as his or her own. Sometimes, the involtated not only does the inspired actions as if voluntarily but also finds reasonable explanations and noble goals for them. The source of involtation can be a human being, light and dark hierarchies alike, egregor, and so on.

Involtation (noun) – the action of involtating or of being involtated


The five-dimensional world where human monads abide.


Regional manifestations of Lilith (see entry) linked to individual nations or suprapeoples (see entry). Karossas do not have monads, but they do possess the equivalent of will and consciousness.


The densely material body, analogous to our physical body, of certain demonic beings, for example, igvas and raruggs (see entry). It is fashioned from agga, not siaira.


Here, it refers to historical figures who have a powerful and benign effect on the fate of a people or state and are ruled in their actions by the inspiration of hierarchies that guide that people.


The great elemental of humanity, at one time the spouse of the Prime Angel, and later the fashioner of the physical flesh of humans and some other beings. Her own being was demonized by Gagtungr long before the emergence of humanity in Enrof.


The inner sakwalas of Shadanakar, which take the form of multiplaned segments, as it were. Metacultures are composed of varying numbers of planes, but each has at least three specific planes: the physical plane – the abode of the corresponding suprapeople in Enrof that create the culture; the zatomis – the heavenly land of enlightened souls of the people; and the shrastr – the demonic underworld that counterposes the zatomis. In addition, every metaculture includes one or another number of planes of Enlightenment and Retribution. The nature of these worlds varies between metacultures in accordance with the course metahistory takes in each.


(1) The sum of processes, as yet outside the field of vision and methodology of science, that take place on planes of variobeing existing in other times streams and dimensions and that are sometimes visible through the process we perceive as history.

(2) The religious teaching about those processes.


Here, the term means a primal, indivisible, immortal spiritual entity, which can be either God-created or God-born. The Universe is composed of a countless number of monads and of the numerous kinds of materiality created by them.


The zatomis of the North-Western metaculture.


The shrastr of the North-Western metaculture.


A God-born monad, one of the Great Sisters, and the Ideal Collective Soul of the Russian metaculture. A provisional designation.


One of the worlds of Enlightenment. A land of radiant calm and blessed rest.


The first of the worlds of ascent, the land of the dead common to all humanity, although the landscape varies between metacultures.

Planetary Logos

A great God-born monad, the expression of God the Son, the divine mind of our bramfatura, the oldest and first of its monads. He expressed Himself in humanity as Jesus Christ and is overseeing preparations for the turn of the eon. The Planetary Logos is the leader of all the forces of the Light in Shadanakar.


The second race of antihumankind, into which the great predators of prehistoric times developed after countless incarnations on the planes of demonic materiality.

Rose of the World

The future Christian Church of the final centuries, which will reunite within itself the Christian Churches of the past and will be joined on the basis of a free union with all religions of the Light. It is in this sense that the Rose of the World is interreligious or panreligious. Its principal task is to save as many human souls as possible and help them avert the danger of being spiritually enslaved by the future Antigod. The birth of the Rose of the World among humanity will be a reflection of the etheric birth of Zventa Sventana (see entry) in one of the zatomises.


Here, it means a system of two or more variomaterial planes closely connected in structure and metahistory.


The proper name of the bramfatura of our planet. It comprises a huge (more than 240) number of variomaterial planes of varying dimensions and time streams.


Radiations of subtle materiality from certain states of the human psyche connected with “state feelings.” Witzraors, igvas, and raruggs replenish their energy with shavva.


The first of the material coatings of a monad. The shelt is fashioned by the monad itself from five-dimensional materiality. It is the vessel of the monad together with its divine properties and capacities. It is not the monad, which remains in Iroln, but the shelt that is the self that embarks on its journey through the lower planes in order to enlighten them.


Variodimensional material worlds connected with areas within the physical body of the Earth known as countervailing prominences, which point to the center of the planet. The abode of antihumankind, which is composed of two races – igvas and raruggs. There are great metropolises in the shrastrs and a very advanced demonic technology.


All materiality created by the Providential powers.


The uppermost of the purgatories of Christian metacultures. There are analogous planes in other metacultures as well. Every soul, except those that enter Olirna directly after death and continue up through the worlds of Enlightenment, invariably descends to Skrivnus after death.


A group of nations or ethnic groups united by a common, jointly created culture.


The hosts of enlightened human souls that abide in the zatomises of metacultures.


One of the planes of Retribution, the hell of the Witzraors, known as the Rain of Eternal Misery.


The name of the great female demon who is to blame for the catastrophe that overtook the humankind of the Lunar bramfatura. Having for a long time maintained a sort of neutrality, at odds with the Providential powers and at times with Gagtungr as well, Voglea is at present joining forces with the planetary demon.


Powerful, intelligent, and extremely predatory beings that abide on planes adjacent to the shrastrs. From the human point of view, they are demons of state power. There are very few of them. Witzraors play a colossal, conflicting, and double-edged role in metahistory.

World Salvaterra

The provisional designation of the summit and heart of Shadanakar, the uppermost of its sakwalas, comprising three worlds: the abode of the Planetary Logos, the abode of Mary, the Mother of God, and the abode of Zventa-Sventana.


A God-born monad, one of the great demiurges of humanity, and the guiding spirit of the Russian metaculture. A provisional designation.


Here, this Hebrew term means the demonic part of every being in whose material embodiment Lilith has taken part – that is, not only humans but Titans, igvas, raruggs, and Witzraors.


The highest planes of human metacultures, their heavenly lands, the bulwark of the demiurges and national guiding spirits, and the abodes of the Synclites. Together with Arimoya – the zatomis of the Rose of the World now under construction – they are thirty four in number.


The Russian witzraor.


A great God-born monad, an expression of Eternal Femininity. The Bride of the Planetary Logos, She descended from the heights of the spiritual cosmos to the upper planes of Shadanakar approximately 150 years ago and is destined to assume an enlightened (and not physical) incarnation in one of the zatomises of humanity. That metahistorical event will be reflected in terrestrial Enrof in the birth of the Rose of the World.

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