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Турецкий классический гитарист, аранжировщик и дизайнер регулируемой микротональной гитары. Он создал уникальный репертуар произведений для микротональной гитары, аранжируя анатолийскую народную музыку и музыку османского макама, а также привлекая ведущих и начинающих композиторов. В 2014 году он получил 1-ю премию на престижном конкурсе музыкальных инструментов Маргарет Гутман в Технологическом институте Джорджии. Он также получил награду жюри премии Donizetti Classical Music Awards в 2014 году.


Dear Dmitry,

Thank you for your message.

We started taking pre-orders for the new version of our Adjustable Microtonal Guitar fretboards. You can find the brochure in the link below.

There are 4 types of fretboards that can be pre-ordered : classical, acoustic, electric and bass. The one below fits into stratocasters but you need to talk to your luthier for telecasters. Here are the specified measurements for the fretboards :

Classical fretboard:

6 strings
19 frets
52 mm at the nut side
62 mm at the 12th fret
66 mm at the sound hole side
sound hole 86 mm diameter
scale length 650 mm
fretboard length 450 mm
6mm thickness

Acoustic fretboard:

6 strings
20 frets
43 mm at the nut side
54 mm at the 12th fret
59 mm at the sound hole side
sound hole diameter 100 mm
scale length 650 mm
fretboard length 465 mm
6mm thickness

Electric (strat) fretboard:

6 strings
22 frets
42 mm at the nut side
52 mm at the 12th fret
56 mm at the sound hole side
scale length 648 mm
fretboard length 490 mm
6mm thickness

Bass fretboard:

4 strings
21 frets
40 mm at the nut side
62 mm at the sound hole side
scale length 864 mm
fretboard length 630 mm
6mm thickness

All fretboards will be sent with 110 main fretlets, 40 extra fretlets (in 4 sizes), 10 long frets, 10 fretless frets, 1 scriber fret, 1 pair of pliers, 1 fret tuner, a pouch for tools, and a box for the fretboard.

For pre-orders, there is a discounted price for all fretboard types of 700 Euro + shipping cost. Lead time is 4-8 week for pre-orders. Customs clearance and possible import duties in your country belong to you.

If you are interested in pre-ordering, please send me and my business partner Süleyman (info@microtonalguitar.org) your contact information and full address, so i can send you a proforma invoice with all details, shipping costs, bank accounts, etc.

Best wishes,

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